The Weekly Entry- Ivory
The Weekly Entry- Ivory
The Weekly Entry- Ivory
The Weekly Entry- Ivory
The Weekly Entry- Ivory
The Weekly Entry- Ivory
The Weekly Entry- Ivory
The Weekly Entry- Ivory
The Weekly Entry- Ivory

The Weekly Entry- Ivory

Go Getter Guided Introduces: Your Weekly, Bff. Meet The Weekly Entry. Designed To Delegate, Prioritze and Manifest Your BEST Weeks, While Reducing Stress and Anxiety, and Closing Open Loops.
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Pro Tip: Devote The Weekly Entry To A Specific Area Of Your Life, Or Use OVERALL For ALL areas and delegating. Content Planner, Business Planning, Family Plans, Wellness Planner, Meal Prep & More.

The Weekly Entry: Designed to Make the Most Out Of Your Weeks. Your Weekly Guided Journal Designed to Delegate Your Life and BIG Ideas. Prioritize Your Dreams, While Stepping Into Your Next Level. This book is designed to be used at the start of each week,
journaling for the end of the week, you can track in it, THROUGHOUT the week. The best part? The space is YOURS.

We KNOW it isn't easy to go after your dreams, and we also know how many moving pieces go into it. At the start of a new week, it is normal to be excited, but also sometimes anxious or overwhelmed because of the open loops we all carry with us every second. You might find yourself rushing into Monday mornings, NOT feeling ready. Not seeing how you could be improving each week, either. Slow down, and get ready with The Weekly Entry.

I want this to be a product, fully devoted to you breaking down BIG ideas, prioritizing what you need and applying it to your life throughout the week, and growing with each week finished.

There are two full pages for each week, where you will see space for you to not only organize, but 
call in what you want for the week ahead. You have space for a custom mantra, word of the week, brain dump space and so much more. I designed this product specifically to lower anxiety, aid in productivity and exploration of your purpose if you are consistent in it. I promise you that.

In This Journal You Will Find the Same 2 Page Layout, there for you every week for you to fully customize! Every new week is a chance for you to access your week at a glance, redefine your mind, goals, reduce any stress and anxiety, and have a PLAN mapped out.

Delegate and prioritize, while ensuring progress and manifesting what you TRULY want.

Your week GETS to start, and end with you.

Signature Undated Weekly Spreads

Daily Personal Development & Reflection, Worksheets and Growth Throughout

Daily Gratitude & Affirmations

Habit Tracking

Life Coaching & Personal Development 

Custom Quotes Throughout 

Every 3 Month Reflections & Prompts

Routine Creation + Life Coaching Worksheets

Dimensions: 10" x 10"W

Included Spreads: Weekly Prompted 2 Page Undated Spreads so much more.

Width: About 1” Page Count: ~64 double-sided pages

Paper Type: Beautiful 125 gsm Premium Matte White Paper (pen/marker does not go through, no ghosting or bleeding)

Cover Type: SUEDE & Velvet. This Material Is a FUZZY, NEW Soft Velvet Material and is delicate. It is made for your desk and to keep in a safe spot at home, rather than daily travel. Made for your evenings in bed, and mornings at home. Beautiful Gold Foiling On Cover, and Minimal Stars.

  • Estimated to ship SAME DAY, M-F. During Launch, please allow up to 2 weeks for processing and shipping as an influx of orders. International Orders can take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive during these unprecedented times. US orders are shipped in 2-5 days through priority shipping unless pre-order.
  • Custom Packaging With EVERY order.


Two Page Undated Weeks

Weekly Personal Development

Quotes & Affirmations

  • Daily Spreads Daily Spreads

    Habit Tracking, Commitments, Quote Of The Week

    Weekly Overview

    Focus of the Day/Week, and Priorities

    Reduce Anxiety and Brain Dump

    Completely Undated

    Important Calls and Reminders

    Focusing on Me Space for Movement, Wellness, Any Tracking For The Week

  • Weekly Spreads Weekly Spreads

    Setting Intentions And Goals for The Week Ahead

    Map It Out Section To Delegate Tasks And Priorities

    Manifesting Section

  • Monthly Calendars Monthly Calendars

    Custom Quotes Throughout

    Spaces To Pause and Reflect

The Best Unboxing Experience

The Go Getter Planner Difference: The Brand FOR The Go Getters.

Weekly Guided Line. Designed For Your Highest Growth & Expansion.

Weekly Guided Book.

Designed For Weekly/Daily Use​​​​​​​​
Designed For Personal Development & Growth​​​​​​​​
2 Spread Layouts Repeated Undated for 6 Months​​​​​​​​
10 x 10" x .45" Thick (Compact BIG Design)​​​​​​​​
Delicate NEW Suede Hard Covers ​​​​​​​​
Unique Tie Closure For A Bow​​​​​​​​ & Gold Embossing​​​​​​​​
Signature Bleed Resistant Buttery Paper​​​​​​​​
64 Pages​​​​​​​​ Total-Thin & Compact
Black and White Interior🖤

High End Quality, So You Are Motivated EVERYDAY to use your planner. Bleed Resistant Paper.

We have women who tell us that they have never been able to be consistent in a planner, fall head over heels in love. We have planner LOVERS, claim this is the best quality planner they have ever had.

Spending ten minutes each day on you, mapping out your schedule, can truly close open loops in your brain, lower anxiety and increase the quality of your daily life. Reach goals that you never thought you could, and open your eyes to a community who dreams big just like you. This planner is a COMMITMENT to yourself.

Designed by a Life & Business Coach

I founded these planners, for you. For your growth. For your dreams. For the life you have always dreamt of. With my degree and backorund in psychology, I had been life coaching women for years, in ALL phases of their life. No matter what season you are in, no matter what you are up-leveling into, it can be scary. I watched and helped my clients one by one, change the trajectory of their lives.

When I made the biggest shifts, and risks of my life- it was the time I questioned everything and felt the most resistance.

We understand buying something new isn't easy. But we can almost gaurentee, love at first site. 99.99% of our customers have fell in love with our planners.


I am planner OBSESSED! I’ve tried dozens and then some. This planner is EVERYTHING I’ve been looking for all in ONE place. And it’s absolutely gorgeous. Makes me happy just looking at it. I am a fan and customer for life!!!! ❤️


I have used planners from Erin Condren, Amazon, and Walmart. I’ve always loved certain aspects of each planner. Go Getter Girl has LITERALLY MERGED all of my loves, together. I will only be buying their planners from now on. Their paper is amazing (super tactile individual here). I still have so much room for my stickers, and it reminds me of my to dos and to do something physical daily. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 100% WORTH EVERY PENNY.


I love these planners and how well packaged they come!!! WOW! I WILL be using these for a lifetime. For the price, the quality-- they are a deal breaker. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Omg can you say “excited”. I just love my GGG planner and it has given me what I have been looking for and more, and that is planner peace. So happy, that I purchased it and also ordered the notebook and can’t wait to receive it. Thanks- what an AWESOME planner, Go Getter Team! ❤️


I personally really love how well put together this planner is and how it also makes you think, and guide you to look at yourself, your life and dreams more deeply, and answer questions you were too scared to answer yourself.  I am finding clarity DAILY ❣️

Bleed Resistant Buttery Layouts & Spreads.

Our paper is so buttery, dreamy and bleed resistant! Keep your planner and products in tact and something you take pride in.

Truly designed, and truly believe that this planner can become a part of your daily life. A brand and symbol to drive you daily toward your goals, keep your ambition going, help you find your highest purpose daily. You do not have to be a "planner person." Maybe you buy a planner every year, and never use it. Our tools, our layouts, our quality-- are unlike any planner you've had before. Designed by a life and business coach. Designed for every woman, every go getter, in all seasons of life.

We gaurentee you'll love it.

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Our planners are 6 months due to all our life coaching, daily, and weekly spreads, etc, and making this in a year format would get too thick! We have two launches once in November for January 2022 - June 2022 and then again in May for July 2022 - December 2022! Every 6 months is a new chapter, we always have new exciting covers coming!