New Month, New Goals?

New Month, New Goals?

New Month, New Goals? Yeah yeah yeah, how about New Month, NEW ACTION. 
Because I bet you've had the "same goals....

Do you get excited for new months? If not, it’s time to ask yourself why…. It’s HALF way through 2022.

New months are an opportunity for you to grow, try new things, and re-focus on reaching those goals.



1. Take 30 minutes for YOU, daily. No one else. No distractions, you! And write out all the things you want to accomplish in this new month. PST.. order your Go Getter Daily Planner From me! Can't do coaching? THIS IS WHY I MADE THESE PRODUCTS FOR YOU, EVERYDAY! Motivate yourself, every single morning:

2. Set habits to get yourself organized daily! Set your schedule and priorities of the day and get those to-do lists written. Getting this out on paper will provide you with more open space in your mind.

3. Make a list of your favorite things: Favorite things that happened in the last month, favorite things you’re looking forward to in this new month!

4. Have INTENTION. Have goals, every day. Don't just live. Improve. Overcome. Set goals, set minor goals every day that push you a little more out of your comfort zone.

5. Don't forget to be flexible! Have goals, set big dreams for yourself, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen in just month - it’s just about making a little progress each and every day and recognizing when you need to refocus and get started again (so it’s okay to rest!!)

and if you don't get excited for new months…I’ve been there. 

Don't force yourself to live in a bubble that isn't your life anymore. You're allowed to evolve, change, and see MORE potential for yourself.

I want you to ask yourself: WHY NOT. Why can't you live a life you are genuinely excited to wake up?

That being said, I give you full permission to be honest with yourself this month. Are you happy? Are you living up to your fullest potential? 

I can’t wait to see what you do with this new month.

Don't let this be another month full of the SAME excuses.

Choose, differently.
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Xo Rach Marie

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