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7 benefits to using a large bullet journal!

7 benefits to using a large bullet journal!

Do you love planning and organizing? Do you have a penchant for notebooks and journals? If so, then a bullet journal may be the perfect way for you to organize your thoughts, projects, and plans. While there are many benefits to using a bullet journal, here are seven that we think are especially great!

1. It's customizable to your wants and needs- the sky's the limit with what you can do inside!⁣ (smooth buttery fresh start) ⁣

When deciding on whether to choose a bullet journal or a planner there are many elements to consider, most importantly though is what content do you need or want inside, if you only plan on using one or the other for say a single element such as managing finances then you might be more suited to using a bullet journal that you can fully customize to your specific case.

The decorative and design aspects are another important reason why people choose a bullet journal; some people use washi tape to decorate their bullet journals or to help them color code things, but it’s just as easy to use inexpensive highlighters or colorful gel pens instead. You can see our range of decorative accessories here.

For a first-timer, you don’t even need to buy anything. You can use the system with paper and pencils that you already have around your house.

2. THICK, durable 160 GSM Bullet Journals, Completely bleed resistant (most notebooks are only 80 gsm)⁣! ⁣

Our bullet journals are completely bleed resistant, whether that's using highlighters, ink gel pens or even using paint, our paper is so thick you'll see zero bleed through! This is especially important if you express your creativity through designing & decorating your bullet journal. Having the perfect aesthetic is everything!


3. Our notebooks are giant. Large 8.5 x 11” in size & 144 pages of room to create!⁣

⁣We have two sizes of bullet journals available, the more traditional A5 version and our large 8.5 x11". Both come with bleed resistant paper, smooth vegan leather covers however we think you'll love the extra room to design & create your perfect journal using our large formats

Here are some of our favorites from our Go Getter Girl Co Community


4. 3 UNIQUE closures & Sturdy hardcover notebook- SO many cute options and styles!⁣ << literally the dreamiest soft vegan leather. ⁣

Here at Go Getter Girl we understand that everybody is unique, and so why shouldn't your notebooks be?! Whether you prefer a button closure or a magnetic strip or even a belt style closure, we have you covered ensuring the contents remains secure and no damage occurs either in your bag or when moving about. 

Peep our 4 closures!

5. Inspires productivity — and allows for you to WORK on yourself. ⁣

The bullet journal, at its core, is a productivity system, so it's essential to begin future planning and life management with monthly spreads, weekly spreads, habit trackers, and dailies. It is also a place to house your big ideas, a place for self-discovery and self-awareness, and a home for your dreams and goals.

 6. It makes tracking long term goals simple⁣, but motivating to want to achieve and work on! ⁣

There are many different things you can track and organize with your bullet journal, such as finances, household chores, family events, work related tasks, a place to brainstorm, health tracking etc. The key to success is in choosing what your notebook will contain, it may have several items, it may only have 1 per notebook. Either way its important you have a clear and concise function for your bullet journal before you start using it. We recommend heading over to Instagram to see what inspiring interiors people have created when it comes to tracking and highlighting their goals. Remembering that if something is written down and broken down you're more likely to achieve it. 


7. It keeps everything where you can see it- If you see it everyday you will remember and work towards it everyday❤️!⁣

 This is especially good for people who are visual learners. Everything is always within sight—something that you can’t get with a digital planning method. It’s also nice to get to the end of the day or the end of the week and see that everything has been completed. It’s a nice sense of accomplishment!

Bullet journaling is one of the most versatile ways to keep yourself organized. It’s great for those who are already good planners, and it’s even better for those who aren’t sure how to get on track with everything they have to do.

Start bullet journaling today and see exactly what it can do for you.

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