8 reasons to start using a dated planner

8 Reasons To Start Using A Dated Planner

There are so many reasons that we can think of, but here are 8 BIG ones that everyone can benefit from! 

I’m sure you know how to use a dated planner, but you might not know just how valuable they really can be! Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a planner:

⭐️ Get organized with your schedule!

It can often become overwhelming to manage all of our daily work and personal tasks. Most of us have a lot on our plates, so we need to prioritize the most important tasks. Spending time on unimportant activities makes us less productive. Using a planner helps us make sure our essential tasks get done first and creating a sense of accomplishment. 

For those of you who wear multiple hats in your work life, it allows you to ensure all your daily, weekly, monthly tasks get scheduled & most importantly completed.

⭐️ Close open loops!

Using a dated planner gives you a sense of accomplishment, especially when you’ve checked off everything on your to-do list! It’s a good feeling, and getting those tasks done is a great way to stay motivated to keep working toward your goals; be they short term or long term goals.

⭐️ Lower anxiety & reduce stress!

Our daily lives can often feel quite overwhelming with never ending to do-lists, time pressures, social pressures and societal pressures leaving us feeling restricted and compressed. However, even a busy schedule feels more manageable when we allot time for the things we need to do. With everything written down and given its own individual time block, we can go more easily from one responsibility to the next. 

Stress is a silent killer and managing it daily can help us overcome procrastination, fatigue and general lethargy. Using a daily planner by scheduling events & tasks can help alleviate all of these issues. Not only that but the Go Getter Girl Co Planner also has over 20+ life coaching tools helping you get ahead of those tasks and allowing you to be more present with friends, colleagues and family. 

Simply put there is so much less stress when we don’t have to worry that we’re forgetting something. 

⭐️ Delegate and set intentions!

Delegation is a vital management skill. But for some, it’s the hardest to put into practice. There are several reasons why you might shy away from delegating work such as lacking confidence or trust in the person who they need to transfer the task to or they simply believe that they’re the only ones who can do the job right however by delegating those tasks to team members, you can free up time to focus on higher-value activities whether those are business or personal related tasks. 

Setting those daily, weekly intentions for you & your team will help you free up time and have more to bring to the table, allowing you to complete projects faster but also ensuring you have the very best team who have their own individual skillset that you might not have.

⭐️ Get creative energy expressed!

This allows for a space for you to get creative! You can release your feelings on the paper and decorate the spread as you like, remember that this is your space and nobody else’s! Splash it up with some stickers or stick to a functional spread!

⭐️ Get clarity in your life!

In our planners, every single day as an opportunity to work on yourself. There is guided prompts, and proven strategies to work on yourself daily. Everything you do in the planner is there for a reason to provide you with daily personal development to work on the best version of yourself. Through using the planner in our goal setting pages, you will get clarity on your purpose in who you were meant to be!

⭐️ Road map large goals! 

it's well known that having a large goal can help drive you forward but how do you achieve these large goals? By breaking them down into manageable segments, if you look at a realistic goal you want to achieve per year; you can first break that down into quarters and then further down into months and then weeks and days. This will allow you to finally have a road map and step by step guide to achieving your yearly goals. 

Using your dated planner with its life coaching tools such as it's monthly vision boards, signature daily spreads and habit tracking tools will help ensure you achieve your goals. 

⭐️ Spend time on YOU, daily!

One of the most import aspects for our modern lives is improving our own mental health and wellbeing, this has become since the pandemic a top priority, a change in lifestyle and working environments has allowed for space for you to spend time on you daily. Spending 10 minutes a day journaling and forecasting your goals & objectives will allow you to create that mental space to allow yourself to develop. 

What are some reasons why YOU use your GGG planner daily?

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