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Journal Prompt of the Week

Journal Prompt of the Week

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut? Like you've been doing the same things over and over again and you're not sure how to get out of it? If so, this week's journal prompt is for you! This week's prompt is all about finding new ways to move forward with your life. So grab your journal and let's get started!

❤️What does your DREAM day look like?⁣ What would you be doing, who would you be serving? What would you be doing for your career? Your family?

❤️What do you know to be true today that you didn’t know a year ago?⁣ What lessons have you learned and in what ways did it help you GET to where you are now?

❤️Where WILL you be in 6 months?⁣ Not “maybe.” Not I might…. Put it ALL out there. You WILL ______.

Be INTENTIONAL with your time to get to where you want to go. Make the intention to complete these journal prompts today and I can assure you it will expand your mind to go beyond and vision your dream life. Because it’s ALL possible for you, but it has to ALWAYS start with, YOU.

If you’re not making time for yourself, WHO will?


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