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The main differences between a dated & undated planner

The main differences between a dated & undated planner

Whether you're a student, mom, or entrepreneurial woman, chances are you rely on some sort of planner to keep your life organized. But did you know that there are actually big differences between dated and undated planners? Check out today's blog post to learn more!

The Dated Planner:

  • Each day has its own dedicated pre-printed page
  • Makes tracking daily, weekly & monthly activities easier to locate & action.
  • A known start & end-point for the specific planner.
  • Specific to that particular years activities. 
  • Allows for you to start using it immediately in an organized manner for the specific period of time.

The Undated Planner:

  • Releases expectation or stress around usage
  • No dated days so no fear of missing days (such as weekends)
  • Allows more space for creativity in how you design & use it
  • Can be used over multiple years without having to purchase a new one.
  • Can use stickers to decorate, design and categorize your planner the way you want it.


 Planners dated & undated

Here are our top 4 tips on how to use your dated or undated planner to achieve your goals.


- Bring it with you: Without brinigng your planner with you, you're likely to forget your to do list for the day but also any thoughts or events that need to be scheduled in. Remember the key to success is by actually using your planner!

- Look at it in the morning: Starting your day off with knowing what needs to get done, what tasks must take priority will help you to accomplish more during the day. Pareto's law of 80/20 means that 20% of the work will deliver 80% of results, focus on the 20% to move forward! 

- Decide what you're tracking, plan & then execute: Without knowing your purpose behind using your planner, it's hard to decide what content or things you should by writing down inside of it. We recommend you start with your BIG WHY and work backwards; simply put what is it you're working towards. Having this in mind will help you break down what tasks need to be accomplished each day, week, month.

- Use the plan system by The Planner Channel: Priorities, Lists, Assignments, Notes. We love this concept by The Planner Channel and sums up perfectly how we recommend you use your dated or undated planner. Breaking it down into easy manageable concepts to then action. You can see more about her planning system here.

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