Hey, its your girl
Rach Marie
My name is Rachel, best known as “Rach Marie”, I am a Go Getter life coach & Personal Development coach, and YOUR biggest cheerleader.
How did Go Getter Girl Company
come to be?
Go Getter Girl™ Co was born January 2020! How? Why?
Okay, story time:

This DOWNLOAD, just This CAME to me! I always say that when you are in touch with what you are MEANT to be doing--things just flow. The best things, seriously come unexpected.
“You can make something out of nothing”,
is so meaningful to me because this company is a PERFECT example of that.
Did You Know!
I am obsessed with lists, and getting things done. Without a plan, there is no action!
Am I right?
I am a huge believer in writing things down, creating checklists and my office is: sticky notes galore. I am also obsessed with affirmations, gratitude and being present everyday in the morning with yourself.
We were actually on a road trip for my birthday, in January 2020 and we were driving and all of a sudden, QUITE LITERALLY...I was like--
A planner  COMPANY?"
Immediately, Go Getter Girl™ came to my mind. Within HOURS, this IDEA turned into a decision.

We were doing it. I had zero clue how to launch an e-commerce business. You can’t not do something because you don’t know how. No one has all of the answers.
You learn. You figure it out.
“Everything is
February 1, 2020, it was just an idea. In the next two weeks, we already had talked to printing firms, manufacturers, made an Instagram, got our trademark and were turning this into our reality.

In 6 months, your
life can change.
We hired graphic designers, and took action on what we wanted.

Easy? This has been anything, but easy.
Worth it? 1,000%.
Fast forward, to July 2020- our very first LAUNCH. 6 months.

We are so thankful for all of you, being here and helping us make this dream into a reality. We plan to continue to strive, to bring the best products with a high vibe sparkle to make your day, everyday.
Cheers to the future
Let’s make it bright. Together.
Rach Marie
Cheers to the future
Let’s make it bright. Together.
Rach Marie
Want to work with me, 1:1?
I’ve helped hundreds of women CHANGE the TRAJECTORY of their lives, up level their mindset and ditch their less than fulfilling life by following their highest self and MANIFESTING their dreams.
I am an entrepreneur and life and
personal development coach,
2x business owner, podcast host
and am obsessed with helping
you take action
to create
your dream life

I specialize in helping women like you
take their ideas, and manifest them into
their reality, with both my
Go Getter Mentality coaching
, and this planner company.

I have been a Go Getter Girl ™ my
whole life and I encourage YOU to do
the same and take action
and OWNERSHIP of your life.

Together, the scary things can be easier.

I am known
for helping women
unlock their inner
Go Getter
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