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Discbound Planner Weekly Inserts, Printed & Punched (6 Month Vertical)

Discbound Planner Weekly Inserts, Printed & Punched (6 Month Vertical)

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*****The intention behind these weekly inserts is for them to be utilized consecutively within the disc planner. It is important to note that these specific weekly inserts are not intended to be placed between daily pages.

Discbound planner inserts are pre-printed and punched and designed to fit into our discbound planner system. Enjoy the 7 day vertical weekly inserts, printed on our premium, bleed resistant buttery paper.

Customize your scalloped disc planner with us, take pages out or add bigger discs to make it thicker.

Our Discbound planners consist of a set of customizable disks that hold together a series of pages, which can be removed, added, or rearranged at will. The inserts can be used for a variety of purposes, such as daily or weekly planning, note-taking, goal setting, and habit tracking. 

6 FULL Month Pack Of Undated Weekly Spreads. Custom Quotes & Affirmations Each Week. ~60 pages.

Size: ~7 x 9.25
Weekly Columns: 1.5” VERTICAL MONDAY-SUNDAY (2 Day Weekend) + Notes & Priority Space Per Week

Pre Punched For Our Disc Planner (9) Punches

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